Ann Widdecombe, Anton Du Beke’s ex-girlfriend, will star in her own show, according to the Strictly Come Dancing star.


Ann Widdecombe, Anton Du Beke’s ex-girlfriend, will star in her own show, according to the Strictly Come Dancing star.

According to comedian Paul Kerensa, ANTON DU BEKE and Ann Widdecombe planned to feature in their own program.

Ann Widdecombe, 73, appeared on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing with Anton Du Beke, 55, in 2010. The former Conservative MP thrilled fans for ten weeks on the popular dance show with her remarkable moves.

While fans enjoyed witnessing Ann being carried around the dancefloor dressed as a gigantic canary, the couple was apparently approached for their own sitcom due to their popularity.

Paul Kerensa, a comedic writer whose credits include Miranda and Not Going Out, claims he was contacted to create the comedy.

According to British Comedy Guide, the comedian discussed the odd cooperation on his Lunchlift Live video stream.

Paul stated he met Ann in 2013 after appearing on the BBC discussion show Are You Having A Laugh? – Comedy And Christianity, and she told him about her concept afterward.

“I thought to myself, ‘Really?’” the comedian explained. Who is Ann Widdecombe? Is this a sitcom?

“She said, ‘Yeah.’ In the company of Anton… Could you put together some ideas and see if we could pitch it around?’”

“Ann Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke share a flat – Here are some of the adventures they can get up to,” Paul explained, referring to a meeting where he presented some ideas.

He claimed he put together some writing samples with a “few pages to pitch,” but noted that Anton and Ann’s former agents had told him to “go create a half-hour episode and then you can take it to a production company” at the time of the event.

Since that time, both Anton and Ann have switched agents.

One of their prior agents, Paul alleged, wanted him to create the script and pitch on their behalf.

“They just said, ‘Well, this is what’s going to happen.’ You’ll go ahead and do the job, and then let us know when it’s ready to film… So, what do you think? He stated, “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do any of the work.”

Paul went on to say that he’d rather to be “the guy who saves the world from the Widdecombe sitcom.”

He said, “Even Ann would say, she’s probably not Rowan Atkinson.” “Yes, she can dance hilariously, and she and Anton are a formidable duo.

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