Ann-Margret learned that because of these flowers, Elvis Presley had died.


Even after their affair ended, Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley were really close, too. Though Priscilla Presley’s affair with Ann-Margret was clearly a sore spot for him, the two stayed in contact. In her future, Presley continued to take an interest and made sure she knew he valued her. Actually, Ann-Margret also said that, out of a sense of duty, Presley returned to Priscilla Presley and that he would have preferred to stay with her.

Ultimately, it was Presley’s curiosity in the career of Ann-Margret that brought her attention to his death.

Had a fiery affair with Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley

How over ‘Viva Las Vegas’ Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley clashed.

The star did not know she and Presley would end up together when Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret first met. Currently, she says the chemistry at first wasn’t perfect.

“Elvis and I were able to admit at first that the only comfort between us came from the hot desert sun.

But from the beginning, others saw sparks,’ she writes in her autobiography, ‘Ann-Margret: My Story.

However, their affair was intense as the two got closer.

Ann-Margret suggested that, especially when it came to music, the two were on the same wavelength.

“In the same visceral way, we heard music. In Elvis and in me, music sparked a fiery, pent-up passion. She wrote that it was a weird, uncomfortable, amusing, inspiring and wonderful feeling.

Mine pushed forward, too, as Elvis pushed his pelvis. I was down there with him when he lowered his leg. I was on my heels already when he twirled around,” she said.

He decided to stay with her, Ann-Margret says.

Elvis Presley finally agreed to put an end to his affair with Ann-Margret.

The actress believed that this was a question of the devotion of Presley – he was supposed to marry Priscilla Presley.

In Elvis’ life, there were other factors which forced him to break up with me, and I understood them.

Elvis had always been frank with me, but the situation was always complicated,’ she wrote.

At regular intervals, we continued to see each other until we were dating for nearly a year.

All came to a halt then. We knew the relationship had to end, that his promise had to be fulfilled by Elvis.

Ann-Margret later argued that “it was his wish that we stay together.”

“She wrote of their relationship, “We didn’t know we had a devil inside us. We’ve been quiet, respectful, cautious.

But once we got to know each other, I knew what would happen.

Elvis, too, knew it.

She knew that Elvis Presley had died because of that.

Even after their affair ended, Elvis Presley kept in contact with Ann-Margret – the two remained good friends. In fact, for each of her opening shows in Las Vegas, Presley sent Ann-Margret a floral arrangement in the form of a guitar.

However, when Ann-Margret opened the Hilton on August 15, 1977, she noticed there was no floral arrangement this time. She decided to call Graceland to see if anything was wrong, and she learned of Elvis’ death before the news broke.

“Charlie Rose asked Ann-Margret during an interview, “He sent flowers and you knew he was dead when the flowers didn’t come – he always sent you flowers when you had a new guitar engagement? ”

“It’s been surreal. It was just unreal, because I’m really quiet, and so was he,’ she replied.


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