Ankha, a ‘Animal Crossing’ character, is the latest TikTok sensation.


As delightful as many of the trends on TikTok can be, there are also a few that may feel a little odd or at least unexpected. The Ankha Zone trend definitely falls into the second category, but it’s taken over TikTok anyway. Ankha is an Egyptian cat from the Animal Crossing video games, and there’s a video of her dancing that’s gone viral on TikTok, in part because of the catchy music she’s dancing to.

In general, the trend features people uploading videos of themselves playing Animal Crossing, but there has been a particular focus on the character of Ankha. The origin of the trend features a video of Ankha dancing both inside her house and across space and time.

There’s also been some suggestion that the video has sexual origins, although it’s unclear whether those rumors are true.

What is true, however, is that there are some R-rated versions of the trend going around. In those versions, Ankha’s dance move is not a dance move at all but a sexual motion. That particular variation of the trend is a little strange, but TikTok can definitely be a weird place. For most people, though, the most attractive thing about the Ankha trend is the music that is featured as part of it.

Part of the reason that Ankha has taken off on Twitter is because her music, which is pulled directly from the game, is so catchy. The music has a definitive Egyptian flair, although it’s mixed with some poppier elements that allow it to appeal to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The music has become so popular that people have even started uploading videos that feature it but not Ankha, the cat who the trend is named after.

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Some users have also taken liberties with the Ankha trend to get creative. That may mean anything from drawing versions of the character themselves to coming up with their own versions of the dance that they can film to the music. Ankha may have been the core element of this trend, but as TikTok users often do, they got creative in interpreting it.

Because TikTok bounces from trend to trend quickly, this is not the first time that many users have embraced an animated or video… Brinkwire short summary.


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