Animal lovers are going crazy over’sheep cats’ with naturally curly fur.


Animal lovers are going crazy over’sheep cats’ with naturally curly fur.

People are enamored with an unique cat species with curly fur that resembles that of a sheep.

The Selkirk Rex has been steadily gaining popularity because to its distinct appearance, and two curly-haired cats named Gina and Gepetto have recently taken the internet by storm.

Eleonora Muccio, their owner, is a breeder from Switzerland. She informed Tyla that she was completely enamored with the breed after viewing them at a Geneva fair.

Gina, Gepetto, and their kittens now have 130k Instagram followers.

Despite their shaggy appearance, Ms Muccio described the cats’ fur as “softer than straight hair,” owing to the finer hair. She did warn that because of the heat, they malt a lot in the summer.

She claims that because the breed produces more earwax and eye discharge than other cats, she must clean their eyes and ears once a week to avoid illnesses.

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A rescue cat gave birth to a curly-haired kitten in Montana in 1987, and the breed was born.

Miss DePesto was given to breeder Jeri Newman, who named her after the curly-haired character from the TV show Moonlighting.

According to the Daily Star, Jeri then made the kitten the primary breeder, and long-haired and short-haired Selkirk breeds were produced.

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Selkirk Rex kittens can be purchased in the United Kingdom for roughly £500-£800.

“Selkirks have an alert and lively demeanor with a lovely and appealing disposition,” according to Purina guidance.

“This laid-back breed enjoys cuddling and will happily sit on your lap. It also enjoys playing games and is an excellent family pet.”


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