Angry passengers scream as the ‘overcrowded’ train misses a crucial stop, causing ‘total chaos.’


Angry passengers scream as the ‘overcrowded’ train misses a crucial stop, causing ‘total chaos.’

When a Great Western Railway train failed to stop at Swindon on its way to London on Sunday night, passengers took matters into their own hands.

The voyage from Penzance to London on the Great Western Railway (GWR) was eventful for passengers.

Some passengers made a racket after their train missed a stop in Swindon.

The train was forced to return to Swindon, causing delays.

However, this was not the only issue with the GWR service.

On Sunday night, the Penzance-London service was completely full.

It also missed its Swindon stop for unknown reasons.

According to sources, six emergency alarms were activated when the train failed to stop.

The train had to do a U-turn.

It finally came to a halt in Reading, more than two hours after it was supposed to arrive in London Paddington.

“Please can you inform us on what is happening on the Paddington train that halted at Swindon?” Hayley Winter asked on Twitter. People keep pushing the passenger alarms despite being warned not to panic. “There’s a dangerously high level of overcrowding on the train.” “Absolute fiasco,” they said, “we’re now returning to Swindon to let off the folks who were pulling the alarm.” We’ve been stranded outside Swindon for more than an hour.

“The next Swindon train is fully booked; how are you going to cram a completely overcrowded train into another fully booked train?”

We’ve been thrown off the train at Reading and instructed to wait for another!”

Hayley wasn’t the only one who used social media to inform the rest of the country about the situation.

“Farcical voyage from Exeter to Paddington tonight,” James Ewen commented. There’s not much you can do about the passenger alarm, but sending a full train to Reading and expecting them to get into two other overcrowded trains was never going to work, was it?” “Wouldn’t it have been easier for everyone from the initial train to finish at Paddington as planned?” James continued as the GWR Twitter account responded that an extra train would be added. There has been complete confusion as a result of a lack of notifications and contradicting information.” “But why did the train terminate at Reading without warning, after we endured a return to Swindon and nearly an hour sitting stationary?” wrote Shanti Daffern. “Do you know what’s. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Susannah Butter replied.


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