Angel Adoree of Escape to the Chateau breaks down as she acknowledges that ‘everyone’s knackered.’


Angel Adoree of Escape to the Chateau breaks down as she acknowledges that ‘everyone’s knackered.’

Angel Adoree of ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU sobbed as she recounted how fatigued everyone was owing to the renovations of her family’s French chateau.

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree purchased a chateau in France to begin their new life and company as wedding venues. The couple married there with friends and relatives before allowing the general public into their house. While getting ready for her big day, Angel from Escape to the Chateau revealed that the ongoing renovations had worn everyone out, but she was proud of how much Dick had accomplished on his own.

The master of the house was nowhere to be found on the wedding day because, as is customary, Dick was living elsewhere until he took his vows.

Angel talked up about the difficulties she and her family were having with their renovations while getting her hair done.

“What Dick has accomplished this year has been fantastic,” Angel remarked, “I mean the infrastructure, the plumbing, the electrics, you know, the sewage, because that is like a 20-man job for nine months.”

“He’s just been so great, we’ve almost killed ourselves, I’ve nearly killed Dick, he’s wanted everything to be just right and perfect, and I’ve wanted it to be just right and perfect, too.”

“We’re really weary,” she said, crying, “so I just want to, like ‘Ah…’, ah I am a bit knackered, and everyone around us is knackered as well, everyone is knackered around us.”

Despite the fact that it was their wedding day, work continued since 200 people needed to be served, which meant French waiters were making their way across the courtyard.

Angel saw this as an opportunity to take on the role of lady of the house, telling them, “What we’re going to need, I need people to be on the bar all the time.”

“And you’re going to serve the bubbles at three o’clock when everyone starts to come, with three people in the kitchen all the time washing up.”

“It’s critical that we get everyone extremely intoxicated today,” she joked with the waitstaff.

She was doing a lot on her own as the bride, wedding planner, and major-general in command of her territory.

Angel transformed from wedding planner to blushing bride back at the Chateau as Dick waited for his bride-to-be to arrive at the church.

“Right, how are you. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Dick screamed as he returned to the chapel.


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