Angel Adoree is pushed out of her comfort zone as she begs Dick Strawbridge for assistance.


Angel Adoree is pushed out of her comfort zone as she begs Dick Strawbridge for assistance.

On the newest episode of Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend, ANGEL ADOREE said she was “out of her comfort zone,” prompting her to seek assistance from her husband, Dick Strawbridge.

Angel, 43, and her husband Dick, 61, returned to their Channel 4 spin-off show to assist fans with some of their projects. A member of the public enquired about restoring a doll’s house for their child, which was one of the Escape to the Chateau inquiries. The mother-of-two started her own project in the hopes of reviving one for her daughter Dorothy, but she required her other half to finish some of the adjustments.

“Doll’s houses are reproductions of family homes, so of course, my interior is going to be modelled on the Chateau,” Angel stated to the camera during the fifth episode of the series.

“Because practically every doll’s house has been imbued with the personality of someone. You can’t really see what’s behind it, how it’ll be attached, or what kind of glue they’ll use.

“But I think for this one, you really need to get in there and rip everything out, and then she needs to fetch a basin of warm water and [clean away the debris]when you get to this stage.”

Dick offered his assistance, explaining that it could have gotten stuck with something that required some effort to remove.

“It’s most likely going to be wallpaper adhesive, so you’re getting down to the fundamentals, aren’t you?”

“I have a little bit of repair here that is a little bit out of my comfort zone,” the mother-of-two admitted, admitting she was out of her depth.

“If you can do the hinge, then I can carry on,” she pleaded with her husband, pointing to the door.

As his wife stood back, ready to continue up where she left off, the father-of-four got involved and made the adjustments with ease.

It’s evident that the two feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment from assisting others who are in the same place they were in just five years ago.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Adoree Angel

When the world was struck by the coronavirus epidemic, the idea for a spin-off of the primary program was born.

“Brinkwire Summary News” was filmed.


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