Andy Cohen’s questions put Erika on a’skewer,’ according to the ‘RHOBH’ Season 11 Reunion Preview.


Andy went a step further when he also asked the other housewives if they really believed Erika’s side of the story

One of the major plotlines of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ was Erika Jayne’s legal woes after the housewife’s husband Tom Girardi was accused of embezzling money from the families of plane crash victims. As reports of Erika’s alleged involvement in her husband’s financial dealings began to emerge, the housewife turned to her co-stars for support.

Fans watched in frustration as week after week Erika Jayne continued to play the role of a helpless victim and claiming to be ‘broke’ while still enjoying the services of her glam squad and going on extravagant vacations. Aside from crying hoarse over being dragged into Tom’s legal issues, the housewife never once showed any signs of remorse or even apologized on behalf of her husband to the air crash victims’ families. What was more frustrating was watching all the ‘RHOBH’ ladies aside from Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais firmly taking Erika’s side. Thankfully, the reunion might finally give us what we have all been waiting for – put Erika on the hot seat and ask her questions. The show’s host and executive producer Andy Cohen can be seen doing exactly that in the sneak peek clip released for the reunion. he can be heard saying, “We’re going to put you on a skewer, and I’m going to fire up the barbeque.”

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You can watch the sneak-peek clip of the reunion here:

Andy can be seen asking some hard-hitting questions to Erika such as why she didn’t leave him sooner. He also touches upon finances when he casually mentions that he knows how much Erika gets paid for filming the reality show, but openly wondered if she felt ‘trapped’ in her marriage. He follows it up by openly wondering why Tom invested $20 million into Erika’s business despite his many alleged extramarital affairs.

The ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host went a step further when he also asked the other housewives if they really believed Erika’s side of the story. A very frustrated and upset Erika can be seen yelling at her co-stars asking them to back her up. While Erika continues to be defensive about her role in Tom’s embezzlement case, Andy shuts her down by pointing out that its ‘lands differently when there are air crash victims’.

In the end, Erika can be seen breaking down and admitting that she asked her. Brinkwire Brief News.


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