Andy and Edwin White talk about their amazing new album Petunia in a Tonstartssbandht interview.


On their eighth studio LP, brothers Andy and Edwin White of Tonstartssbandht guide us on a sprawling, psychedelic journey of summery harmonies and groove-laden cuts for a slice of pure musical escapism. Brinkwire’s Rory McKeown caught up with them to find out more about its creation

“It was wonderful working these songs from initial ideas to final form”, says Tonstartssbandht’s Andy White when delving into the creation of their wondrous new album Petunia. “It’s a process that inspires me, frustrates me, depresses me, and gives me hope. It’s why I write music!”

Petunia sees the brothers of Andy and Edwin White explore a soundscape of summery harmonies and sprawling psychedelia as they continue to steer away the fuzzy, reverberating wall-of-sound that radiates from their early material.

Created in their hometown of Orlando during a fruitful period between April and August 2020, the Whites fully threw their focus into the record thanks to the newfound time provided Covid-enforced lockdown, melanging inspiration from the likes of Talk Talk and The Zombies with their own musical ingenuity.

The result is an engrossing trip from the off with groove-laden opener Pass Away through to the magical, eight minute-plus set piece Falloff, and the scuzzy, atmospheric blues of Smilehenge.

The record, officially their “eight” studio album since their formation in 2007, saw the Whites enlist outside collaboration for the first time, bringing in pals Joseph Santarpia and Roberto Pagano from The Idiot Room in San Francisco for the mixing process.

“Joe and Roberto are two incredibly talented, lovely gentlemen who I knew we could rely upon”, Andy, a longtime collaborator in Mac DeMarco’s band, told Brinkwire. “I am so grateful that my first experience mixing our music with someone else was with them.”

The White brothers’ musicianship shines throughout Petunia. Armed with little more than a 12-string guitar and drum kit, Andy and Edwin guide us along a shimmering, kaleidoscopic path that opens up new avenues with each listen, providing the escapism we’ve been longing for.

Brinkwire’s Rory McKeown caught up with Andy White, who gave us the lowdown on Petunia’s creation, influences, and the brotherly dynamic.

Hi guys, how can you sum up the past year or so for Tonstartssbandht? Has the period been a fruitful one? Have you encountered any challenges along the way?

“In March 2020 like the rest of the world we hunkered down for the pandemic. We had been planning on finally recording a new album at the. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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