Andrew Neil is embroiled in a Twitter feud with a GB News viewer who claims he uses “big phrases to dazzle.”


Andrew Neil is embroiled in a Twitter feud with a GB News viewer who claims he uses “big phrases to dazzle.”

ANDREW NEIL has retaliated against a GB News viewer who accused him of trying to “impress” his viewers by using big words.

At GB News, Andrew Neil was advised that using “big words” on Twitter didn’t go down well with his supporters and viewers. In a snarky retort, the 72-year-old employed yet another lengthy phrase. “Using fancy words Mr Neil does not help your viewers at GB News and does not impress the rest of us,” the Twitter user stated.

“I wasn’t trying to impress,” he said, referring to his 1.1 million followers. “All I wanted to do was help an ultracrepidarian.”

Many of his fans responded to his article by leaving comments.

“Please keep utilizing the big words,” one person said. Reaching for the dictionary enriches us all.”

“I had to look it up – wonderful word!” said another.

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“I couldn’t even say it, let alone understand what it meant,” a third added.

It comes after the creator of GB News slammed anti-vaxxers for protesting at the BBC’s Television Centre the day before.

“Anti-vaxxers stormed a building in White City to protest BBC coverage of the pandemic,” he raged.

“The BBC abandoned the property in 2013, and it is now luxury flats.

“Do you think there’s a correlation between stupidity and anti-vax sentiment? Opinions differ, but evidence accumulates.”

“It helps if you don’t insult your audience, Andrew!” commented one Twitter user in response.

“It helps considerably more if you’re not a gonfalonier of dangerous nonsense,” Andrew said.

Last year, the presenter left the BBC after a 25-year career to launch the “anti-woke” channel GB News.

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The journalist claimed in a now-deleted tweet that he was not paid anything after leaving the broadcasting house.

“During the shutdown, I lost my BBC job and was not paid a dime. So don’t give me any advice on job security,” he wrote.

He appeared on Sunday Politics, This Week on BBC One, Daily Politics, Politics Live, and The Andrew Neil Show on BBC Two during his time at the BBC.

“I leave with no resentment or desire to settle scores,” he tweeted at the time, announcing his resignation.

“I reflect on my 25 years of live political coverage.” Brinkwire Summary News


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