Andrew Marr’s new job: Where is Andrew Marr now?


Ex-BBC star Andrew Marr’s new job: Where is Andrew Marr now?

ANDREW MARR, one of the BBC’s most illustrious presenters, retired in late 2021 after a 21-year career with the corporation.

This website has looked into his new job as he settles into a variety of different roles.

Mr. Marr’s illustrious BBC career began in 2000, when he was appointed political editor.

Since then, he has established himself as a popular presenter, most notably for hosting the Andrew Marr Show every Sunday from 2005 to 2021.

In December 2021, he stepped down from the broadcaster, capping a 21-year search for his own voice.

On November 19 of last year, Mr Marr announced on Twitter that he would “move on” from the BBC.

He told his 208,000-strong audience at the time that he would leave behind “many happy memories and wonderful colleagues.”

On December 19, he made his final appearance on Andrew Marr’s show.

Mr. Marr, who is now 62, is on his way to starting a new career.

He has expressed a desire to reclaim his voice since announcing he would leave the BBC last year.

The broadcaster expects its presenters and journalists to be objective in their work and refrain from expressing personal opinions.

Mr Marr’s new role will keep him in the spotlight while also giving him more freedom to express himself.

He’ll join Global, the parent company of LBC and Classic FM, to host both shows.

“Political and cultural shows” will be the majority of his coverage.

In a statement, he stated that he also intends to write for newspapers.

He added that joining LBC would give him the freedom to do “fast-paced, very regular political journalism” with “no filter.”

He also stated that he plans to explore his “love of classical music” and “culture in general” at Classic FM.

The broadcaster stated that he would have “surprising guests.”

He described his new employer as a “young, hungryly ambitious, and exciting company,” and said he couldn’t wait to “get stuck in.”

After reports that he was hoping to avoid impartiality and “daily online attacks” on social media, he made the decision to leave the BBC.

One source told The Observer that he wanted to get rid of “nearly unconscious self-censorship.”

No start date or slot for his new roles has been announced by LBC or Classic FM.

Mr Marr’s flagship show will be handed over to a new host as he moves on to new pastures.

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