Andrew Marr’s net worth: Following his departure from the BBC, the presenter amassed a significant fortune.


Andrew Marr’s net worth: Following his departure from the BBC, the presenter amassed a significant fortune.

Andrew Marr’s net worth: The presenter amassed a sizable fortune after leaving the BBC.

ANDREW MARR, who has worked for the BBC for 21 years, has announced his departure.

How much money does he have, though?

Andrew Marr has resigned from the BBC, citing a desire to “reclaim my own voice.”

However, after such a long career as a journalist, how much money does he have in his bank account?

Andrew Marr, a presenter, political commentator, and journalist, was born in Glasglow, Scotland, in 1959.

He started working as a political commentator for The Independent in 1991.

Andrew started his career at the BBC as a political editor for BBC News in 2000.

He also hosted Sunday AM, a political show that was renamed The Andrew Marr Show later on.

In 2002, Marr assumed the role of host of BBC Radio 4’s morning discussion show Start the Week Monday.

Since then, he’s hosted political documentaries, royal series, and radio programs.

According to celebrity website Allfamousbirthday, Andrew Marr is worth £1.1 million.

The majority of his wealth comes from his journalism career.

In May 2021, the BBC’s first staff external events register revealed Marr’s annual salary of £400,000.

The journalist defended his £400,000 pay, saying it had been “decreasing” over time.

“In the past, the BBC’s commercial competitors have offered me deals at a higher rate than the corporation would pay,” he said in a statement.

“Following the release of the BBC’s annual report, I can confirm that I am paid £400,475 per year.”

“Of course, it’s a lot less than the £600,000 I was rumored to be earning a few years ago, or the £3 million [the]Daily Telegraph claimed I was paid.”

“As the BBC focuses on high-paid employees, my pay has gone down.”

I earn £139,000 a year less than I did two years ago.”

Andrew Marr will leave the BBC in November 2021 after 21 years of service.

“Personal announcement,” he wrote in a tweet.

After 21 years at the BBC, I’ve decided to leave.

“I’m leaving behind many fond memories and wonderful coworkers.”

“However, in the New Year, I’ll be moving to Global to write and host political and cultural shows, as well as write for newspapers,” she says.

Andrew Marr earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

He married journalist Jackie Ashley in 1987, and they have two daughters.

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