Ana Navarro updates ‘The View’ viewers on her mother’s health.


Ana Navarro updates ‘The View’ viewers on her mother’s health.

Ana Navarro is a View fan favorite because she never backs down when it comes to fighting for what’s right in politics. However, the political commentator was masking grief behind her wit and charm because her mother was unwell in the hospital.

Fans begged the popular co-host to visit her mother in Nicaragua after she was miraculously discharged from the hospital.

The ABC daytime star is unable to travel to Nicaragua due to the current political atmosphere, but she has sent a health update for all of her fans who are concerned about her mother’s well-being.

‘A little better,’ says Ana Navarro’s mother.

While Navarro said on The View that she regrets not spending more time with her mother when she was younger and healthier, viewers suggested she pay her a visit in Nicaragua. However, because of the current system in the Central American country, Navarro is afraid of being imprisoned for criticizing the ruling party. Navarro opted not go visit her mother after speaking with both of her parents, but she has been calling her on FaceTime every day.

On Instagram, the CNN contributor updated her fans on her mother’s condition after she was released from the hospital and returned home.

“My mother has returned home. She’s a little better on some days. “She’s a little worse some days,” Navarro admitted. “If she improves, they want to visit her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in Miami, as well as meet her new great-granddaughter, who is due to be delivered next month.” For my mother, she will be named “Violet.” She’s already defied the odds. I sincerely hope she makes it.” ‘The View’: Ana Navarro Shares Adorable Video of Chacha ‘Out of Control,’ and Fans React With Hilarity Ana Navarro’s mother is overjoyed by the outpouring of love from her fans. Talking about her mother’s worsening health is difficult for Navarro, who says she tries to keep busy because life never stops. Her mother, on the other hand, she claims, is rarely on her mind. Navarro also offered a unique viewpoint on things, stating that she considers herself “one of the fortunate ones” for having had both of her parents in her life for “almost 50 years.”

“For several years, my mother’s health has been deteriorating. For a long time, I’ve been anticipating this. “I foolishly believed I was prepared,” she added.

Navarro wrapped up her nice update by telling her fans that she had told her mother that “many people were… Brinkwire Entertainment quick news.”


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