Ana Navarro of ‘The View’ explains why she won’t be able to see her mother in Nicaragua after being released from the ICU.


Ana Navarro of ‘The View’ explains why she won’t be able to see her mother in Nicaragua after being released from the ICU.

Fans of The View admire Ana Navarro, and many anticipate her visits on the ABC talk show.

The political commentator has a sharp tongue and clapbacks that leave the audience trembling at the end. However, her mother’s health, which had been hospitalized but was recently released from the intensive care unit, has caused alarm among admirers. Navarro is now explaining why she is unable to see her mother in Nicaragua.

Ana Navarro discusses why she didn’t go to Nicaragua.

Navarro recently told The View that she regrets not spending more time with her mother when she was younger and healthier. She revealed that her mother had lately been admitted to the hospital and that she was expecting the worst. She did, however, amazingly recover and was even freed from ICU and allowed to return home.

Fans asked Navarro to visit her, but the Republican commentator said she hasn’t gone to Nicaragua since her parents requested it.

“Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s strongman, has repressed members of the free press as well as his political opponents and detractors. I am both of these things. Many people have been arbitrarily imprisoned or disappeared. Navarro noted in an Instagram post where she posted our piece that “many more have fled into exile.”

Navarro’s mother and father have asked her not to go because of the current situation in Nicaragua. She has complied because she “doesn’t want to add to their anxiety and anguish.” “This is a particularly trying period for my family. “I utilize technology to keep in touch,” she continued, “like many people throughout the world who haven’t been able to see ailing loved ones during the pandemic.” “Every day, I FaceTime with my father.” My mother’s bedside is generally where he is.

They’ve been together for sixty years. It’s been lovely to see how much he cares for her. I chat with her whenever she is awake and able to communicate.” Fans of ‘The View’ applaud Ana Navarro for standing up to Barbara Corcoran and having Whoopi Goldberg’s back. Ana Navarro’s mother’s condition has been updated. Navarro verified that her mother is currently at home after being released from the ICU, as she mentioned on an episode of The View that aired on October 1.

Fans had been asking for an update on her condition, and the TV analyst finally delivered.

“She’s a little better on some days. She’s a touch worse some days,” Navarro said…. Brinkwire Entertainment breaking news.


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