An expat in Spain claims that now is the best moment to relocate, and that there are ‘solutions’ to travel restrictions.


An expat in Spain claims that now is the best moment to relocate, and that there are ‘solutions’ to travel restrictions.

SPAIN is a popular destination for British expats, but travel limitations may cause alarm for those considering a relocation this year. There are, however, “solutions,” according to one expat.

Around 285,000 Britons now live in Spain after relocating to the sunny country. However, as a result of Brexit and COVID-19, there has been an increase of travel restrictions, making some Britons apprehensive to travel abroad.

However, according to one expat, they should not be a deterrent for people looking to relocate.

David Wright, a British expat turned podcast host, says it is the “ideal time” to relocate on his program Moving to Spain with David Wright.

“With Brexit, travel restrictions, and the virus, there’s a lot going on in the world right now, and the uncertainty fits all,” he said.

While the expat acknowledges and understands the current “fears and worries” that some individuals may be experiencing, he believes that this should not deter people from pursuing their aspirations.

“There are issues with relocating to Spain and the obstacles that come with it,” Mr Wright pointed out.

“There has always been and there will always be.

“These obstacles and problems will alter every year and will continue to do so.

“Everyone has dreams and ambitions about what they want, how they want to live their lives, and what they wish they could do.”

COVID-19 limitations currently imply that only vaccinated Britons are allowed to visit Spain without being quarantined.

If unvaccinated Britons want to avoid the quarantine, they must show proof of a negative PCR test.

Some people are frightened off by the fact that these tests might cost anything from £60 to £120.

Meanwhile, new Brexit laws mean that Britons will no longer be able to freely move around the European Union.

Instead, they must apply for a visa, which comes with its own set of expenses.

Despite these guidelines, Mr Wright emphasizes the importance of remaining “happy and organized.”

“You can do anything you want, and migrating to Spain is no exception,” he explained.

“It all boils down to your thinking. The ideal time is always right now.”

“There will be a lot of paperwork,” he continued. Although there will be rules and regulations to obey, you can discover how to solve all of these challenges.

“Wishing it wouldn’t work isn’t an option; you must take daily action.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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