An ex-doctor, Harry Hill, admits that he wanted the patient to die so that he didn’t have to save him.


Ex-doctor Harry Hill admits that he wanted the patient to die so that he wouldn’t have to save him.

After the incident, Harry realized he’wasn’t cut out’ for medicine and decided to focus on his comedy – but he doesn’t believe he was a bad doctor.

Harry Hill, a former doctor, once wished for a patient to die because it would mean less paperwork.

He claimed the incident taught him that he “wasn’t cut out” for medicine.

“I guess my lowest point as a doctor… was when I was running across the hospital car park at 2am to a cardiac arrest, thinking, ‘I hope the patient is dead when I get there,'” Harry, 57, wrote in his book Fight!

“If I were to be successful…

I’d have to bring him back into balance.

I’d have to start him on medication, keep him under observation, send blood tests, possibly get an X-ray… and then there’d be the paperwork to deal with.

“If he passes away, it’s just a quick scribble in the notes (death time, etc.) and back to bed.”

In 15 minutes, I was done.”

“Was I a bad doctor? I don’t think so,” Harry continued.

“Adrenaline would kick in and I’d do my best once I got there, confronted with a dying man.”

It comes just a week after Hill flaunted his genuine Simon Cowell blue jeans, which he claims has “aphrodisiac properties” and proudly displays in his home.

On Tuesday evening, the 57-year-old joined Sam Quek and Jermaine Jenas on The One Show to talk about his upcoming book tour for his latest autobiography, Fight!

The comedian joked that he has a framed piece of the X Factor judge’s jeans, which he joked had to be kept in a frame because “if you touch it you may become pregnant.”

The star explained how he came to own Simon Cowell’s infamous trousers while the doting father reflected on some of his best TV moments throughout his comic career.

“When I did the X Factor musical, we got a pair of his jeans because they wanted to copy them for the actor,” he explained to the audience.

“So I got hold of the jeans and cut them into two-inch squares, which I mounted onto these bits of card as gifts for the entire cast,” says the author.

“Someone has a zip that contains particularly potent [aliments].”

It cures humps and cold sores, and I’ve touched it for good luck.”


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