An elderly gardener composes a poem for a plant thief in order to entice them to steal less.


An elderly gardener composes a poem for a plant thief in order to entice them to steal less.

A GARDENER has composed a poem in an attempt to persuade a thief who has been stealing their plants to quit.

An elderly gardener has devised a novel technique to persuade a plant thief to leave their flowers alone: writing a poem. The plant-lover posted the poem to their retirement home’s fence in the hopes that the thief would read it and reconsider their thievery.

Last week, a photo of the printed poem was uploaded on Reddit, showing it tethered to the metal railings of the garden’s fence.

The message, which was posted on the r/CasualUK forum by a pedestrian who noticed it, read: “When oldies get mad, they become poetic.” “Good luck to them!”

“Oh neighbors, will you share our grief?” the poem asked.

A thief has snatched our plants, “Oleanders taken – recently planted,” says the crook.

And so we cannot be enchanted, “By an ever-improving view,”Which we like to share with you, “So thief, if you have any feeling,”For those from whom you are stealing, “It isn’t from our management,”(Always assuming that was your intent), “But from us pensioners – OAP’s,”For plants, we pay, so please replace them.”

Many commenters were angered by the theft of flowers from the elderly, and many were perplexed as to why somebody would want to pinch plants in the first place.

“How trashy can someone get?” one said, referring to stealing plants from a retirement home.

“And who is roaming around plucking plants from the ground?” a third added. I had no idea this was a problem.”

“People who steal off porches are the worst,” a third added. I understand why you may steal a parcel with monetary value, but stealing plants is ridiculous… “More than anything else,” says the narrator.

Others advised that the poster contact the senior home to assist them in recovering the plants they had lost.

“Do you have any contact information for the residents/property?” one inquired. “I might be able to put together a care package for them!”

“I’d throw them a bag of bulbs over the fence for that effort,” said another.

It’s unclear whether the poetry was effective in deterring the plant pincher.


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