An antiques road trip specialist is taken aback as an ancient map reaps astronomical profits.


An antiques road trip specialist is taken aback as an ancient map reaps astronomical profits.

ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP specialist Angus Ashworth was taken aback when a map he bought in the 1900s from the Boer War sold for a high amount at auction.

In a recent episode of the BBC show, Antiques Road Trip experts Angus Ashworth and Steven Moore went treasure hunting in Derbyshire and Yorkshire. The two were on the lookout for antique gems that they believed would sell at auction for a profit. Angus found a 1900s Boer War painting he thought was a prize at one of their trips, but did he do well at auction?

“Ah, at long last, some military intrigue for me.” Let’s get started! When Angus first discovered the object, he exclaimed.

“This is a large colorful print, and it’s about the Boer War. The Boer War was fought in South Africa over sovereignty of the country between the British and the Boers, who were of Dutch descent.

“They have a beautiful, drawn map of the historical period. It’s decorative, and it’s a little unusual. It has a few holes and blemishes, but it’s still wonderful.

“I’ve been there, and I’ve gone on all of the battlefield tours. “No price on that, but… I have to buy a bit of military on this trip, don’t I, so that’s a very strong possibility.” After spotting the Boer War painting, a North American Canoe, and a jug with a fish on it, Angus sought out dealer Billy to discuss prices.

“Well, I’m rooting for you to win. I’m going to do a one-price deal for everything. Billy proposed a price of £35 per piece.

“Can we call it a straight hundred?” Angus wondered as he worked out the best bargain for himself.

Angus was given a giveaway by Billy, and the expert walked out with three items to present to the auction.

The painting of the Boer War was the last of Angus’ to be auctioned. “What am I going to lose money on next, or is it you?” co-star Steven asked Angus. ” Angus said, “It’s me, and to be honest, it’s the item I’m least confidence about.” The auctioneer began the auction with a £20 offer, which drew a lot of attention and quickly rose in price.

I’m impressed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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