Amy Kupps, a self-described “home wrecker,” lists FIVE signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you.


Amy Kupps, a self-proclaimed “home wrecker,” lists FIVE signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Amy Kupps, an Instagram model, has revealed the’red flags’ you should look out for to see if he’s having an affair before Christmas.

This holiday season, a self-described “homewrecker” who apparently enjoys dating married men has shared her tips on how to figure out if your partner is cheating.

Amy Kupps, a 32-year-old Instagram model from North Carolina, has revealed the “red flags” to look out for ahead of Christmas to see if he’s having an affair.

According to The Sun, research shows that during the holiday season, especially at drunken office parties, cheating is likely to increase.

According to the newspaper, 14 percent of Brits have kissed a coworker, according to a recent survey by AYRE Event Solutions.

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After splitting from her cheating ex-husband, Kupps, who has more than 83,000 Instagram followers, considers herself an expert in the art of extramarital affairs.

“No one wants to believe their boyfriend or husband is cheating on them,” Kupps told Jam Press.

“Also, a woman’s intuition is the most powerful weapon in her arsenal; if you suspect something is wrong, trust your instincts.”

Chances are, you’re right, and he’s up to something.” The social media personality shared her top red flags and changes to watch out for in your partner.

Being overly nice

If your partner suddenly becomes nicer than usual, according to Kupps, it could indicate that they are up to no good.

“Obvious ways include being overly pleasant, especially if he’s not normally attentive,” she said.

“Another thing is that he starts buying you random gifts that he doesn’t usually buy you, such as flowers or jewelry.”

That, to me, is a huge red flag.” If your partner buys you expensive gifts for no apparent reason, she says it could be a sign they’re “sharing their own with someone else.”

Inattentional behavior

If your partner isn’t paying attention to you or forgets to keep important commitments, Kupps believes this is a major red flag.

“One point that I believe many people overlook is when their other halves become forgetful all of a sudden,” Kupps says.

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