Amid claims she fabricated being Spanish, Hilaria Baldwin speaks out


Baldwin accuses critics of misrepresenting her and addresses her origins and the incident of the cucumber’ brain fart’

Baldwin discussed the dispute surrounding her roots in an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday after it emerged that she was born in Boston, not Spain, and was originally named Hilary. Last week, Baldwin, the wife of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, became the target of intense speculation regarding her origins. The controversy started when the thread sharing clips of Baldwin speaking with an accent from a Twitter user went viral. “You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decades-long hoax of pretending to be Spanish,” wrote @lenibriscoe.

Baldwin is seen in one clip trying to recall the word for a pickle in English. Examples of news stories mentioning Baldwin’s Spanish roots are cited in the New York Times article and highlight an old clip of Alec Baldwin telling David Letterman that his wife is from Spain.

The article also mentions a biography of Baldwin on the website of a management firm that says she was born in Mallorca, Spain. Baldwin, 36, says that because it was one of her first appearances on live television, the cucumber incident was triggered by nerves, describing it as a “brain fart” rather than an effort to strengthen the illusion that she was Spanish.

Asked by her management agency about an online profile that referred to her as a Mallorca resident, Baldwin said it was a’ disappointing’ misunderstanding. The New York Times told Baldwin, a yoga teacher and social media influencer, “There’s nothing I’m doing wrong,” and there’s a “difference between hiding and creating a boundary.” Why does everyone say Hilaria Baldwin might not be as Hispanic as she seems? Read moreBaldwin told the New York Times that she is bilingual and her English also has a strong Spanish accent, depending on how happy or angry she is. Baldwin, who has five kids with 30 Rock star Alec, said, “Today we have an opportunity to clear up for people who were confused – and in some ways were confused by people who misrepresented me. “Baldwin said she was born Hilary but changed her.

She said that her American parents love Spain and have taken her on holiday since a young age. “In Boston, I was born.

I spent time in Spain and in Boston.

Now my family lives in Spain. “Baldwin didn’t say how often or how long she spent in the country, adding, “I think having such a tight schedule of everything would be insane. You know, school was sometimes involved.

It was a holiday sometimes.

“Baldwin married Alec, 62, in 2012, and he defended her in the midst of controversy, posting a quote on Instagram that said, “A lie can fly halfway around the world while the reality puts on its shoes.” Comedian Amy Schumer seemed to make fun of Baldwin’s comment when she posted a video of herself wearing a big sun h

“A few times, I’ve been to Spain and loved it. “She also added a cucumber emoji.with PA Media.


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