‘American Horror Stories’ is a television series set in the United States Paris Jackson was reportedly “horrified” at a pivotal scene: ‘Apologising’


‘American Horror Stories’ is a television series set in the United States Paris Jackson was reportedly “horrified” at a pivotal scene: ‘Apologising’

Paris Jackson, star of AMERICAN HORROR STORIES, told up about what it’s like to be cast in the spin-off show and why she had to keep apologizing.

Fans were excited to see who would be on the program and how they would combine the horrors from the original series when Hulu’s highly anticipated spin-off series finally launched last week. Paris Jackson, who portrayed Maya in American Horror Stories, shared the pivotal sequence that had her scared and apologizing all the time.

This new spin-off anthology series took fans back to the murder house, where it all began.

Instead of Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) and Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott), there is a fresh cast of people and a whole different plot.

Micheal Winslow (Matt Bomer), his husband Troy Winslow (Gavin Creel), and their daughter Scarlett Winslow are now living in the haunted murder mansion (Sienna McCormick).

The family decided to relocate into Los Angeles’ most haunted mansion in the hopes of flipping it and turning it into a haunted attraction.

The family does not believe in spirits or ghosts, therefore the rumors about the house had little effect on them until something about Scarlett changed.

She’d discovered the infamous Rubber Man outfit and made the error of donning it.

This was extremely dangerous for the family because once she put it on, the demonic spirits took advantage of her and she began to have violent tendencies.

Maya (Paris Jackson), Scarlett’s friend and love interest, was also introduced in the series.

Maya was also a sassy young lady. Paris Jackson told The Wrap that she knew she was playing a cruel girl, but she was “horrified” after reading the script.

“When I initially read the script, I was honestly very startled at how nasty and simply horrible and vengeful the character is,” she said.

This meant that once the director yelled cut, the cast would break character and apologize to one another if they had to say a bad line.

“With Sierra, it was just us continually apologizing to each other,” Paris continued.

Maya’s cruel bullying side was revealed to viewers as she surreptitiously Livestreamed Scarlett as she disclosed her violent sexual fantasies.

Maya would flirt with her and connect with her. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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