Amber and red quarantine condemned as a “Brexit stitch-up”


Amber and red quarantine condemned as a “Brexit stitch-up”

HOLIDAYMAKERS and travel experts have panned the government’s latest traffic light announcement, calling it “unfathomable” and a “stitch-up.” What issues might the new limits cause for Britons?

The government has decided to remove two countries from the amber list and add four more to the red list, dealing a severe blow to tourism. The decision has been condemned as a Brexit-related “stitch-up” by hopeful holidaymakers and experts.

The newest traffic light pronouncement, according to Paul Charles, CEO of the PC Agency, was “unfathomable as usual.”

The travel expert chastised the government for omitting to include a number of popular vacation spots that were “deserving” of inclusion on the green list.

Mr Charles responded to the news by tweeting, “As inexplicable as usual.” There are numerous other countries that ought to be included to the green or green watchlist.”

Holidaymakers also flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure with Turkey, Greece, and Portugal being left off the green list.

Some Britons have pointed to the “fallout” from Brexit as the reason why foreign travel from the UK remains stunted, while European Union countries have largely opened up.

Liz, a Twitter user, said, “Ridiculous…

This, in my opinion, is a result of Brexit. It’s a whole sham.”

“I bet Gibraltar and other British offshore territories stay green,” a second user, Rob, wrote.

It’s all for the purpose of reinvesting your holiday funds in their coffers.”

Holiday sites across the Balearic Islands will be added to the amber list on July 19.

This means that unvaccinated Britons will have to stay at home for 14 days after returning to the UK.

They’ll also have to pass more tests than they did when the archipelago was on the green list.

The British Virgin Islands, likewise, will be added to the amber list.

Travellers returning from countries on the red list will be compelled to self-isolate at a cost of £1,750 at a government-approved hotel.

The most recent additions to the red list include Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sierra Leone.

Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, defended the decision as vital to protect the UK’s vaccine rollout.

“Four nations and territories will join the red list to secure our domestic vaccine rollout,” he said after the news.

“We’ll keep these measures under review and lead ourselves by the most recent statistics; we won’t hesitate to act if necessary.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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