‘Amazing!’ Fans of Mrs Hinch share a low-cost window cleaning tip for removing limescale.


‘Amazing!’ Fans of Mrs Hinch share a low-cost window cleaning tip for removing limescale.

CLEANING aficionados have offered their favorite window-cleaning techniques. A inexpensive cupboard staple can be used for this.

A trip to the grocery will yield a plethora of window cleaning supplies. Mrs. Hinch’s followers have provided an alternative vinegar cleaning tip.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has sparked a trend among homeowners to showcase their house hacks on social media.

Given her 4.1 million Instagram followers, she will frequently give her own counsel.

In the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, a woman sought for cleaning assistance.

She posted a photo of her windows, which appeared to be covered in limescale.

The homeowner pleaded for assistance, explaining that limescale removers had failed to work.

The caption stated, “Looking for some window advice.”

“I have a great window cleaner, but we can’t seem to get my front windows clean.

“The filth appears to be a limescale stain, however I used a limescale remover/cleaner and it hasn’t moved.”

With window cleaning chemicals, the homeowner had been unable to remove the marks.

Other cleaning enthusiasts, on the other hand, suggested that these might not be necessary.

Instead, they suggested using vinegar, which most people already have in their kitchens.

“Perhaps white vinegar?” suggested one.

Another person commented on the limescale in the photo and recommended that it be used as a condiment.

“It could be that his water isn’t pure enough, causing limescale on your windows,” they stated.

“Or it could be hardened limescale, which requires only white vinegar to remove.”

“[Use] white vinegar, a window scraper, and a lot of perseverance,” added another.

“[Use a] vinegar and water mix,” said another. Amazing!”

When you’re stuck with a cleaning product, looking online might be a terrific method to find help.

This is frequently a fantastic area to find unusual product hacks.


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