‘Amazing deals’: Travel expert on low-cost vacations and trips she’ll never do.


‘Amazing deals’: Travel expert on low-cost vacations and trips she’ll never do.

‘Amazing deals,’ she says of low-cost vacations and getaways she’ll never take.

TRAVEL CAN BE EXPENSIVE, but those in the know have a few frugal holiday techniques up their sleeves. Alex Outhwaite, a television personality and influencer who has visited nearly 70 places, has made hers public through this website.

Alex Outhwaite, a travel expert, has traveled extensively over the world. Backpacker and travel shows Off The Grid and Backpack air on Travelxp, which is broadcast on SKY in the United Kingdom. She has vast travel experience in Central and South America, as well as Asia.

The traveler, who has 156k subscribers on Youtube and 59k followers on Instagram, revealed her money-saving tips with This website.

Alex suggests avoiding package deals to keep costs down.

She continues, “I almost never purchase packages; I always book everything separately.”

“I plan buses and rooms separately, and if I fly, I book through Skyscanner or another price comparison website.”

Alex continues, “I’m also joined up for quite a few loyalty programs through Expedia and other similar schemes.”

“The more you use certain brands, the more free nights and other bonuses you’ll receive, which can save you a lot of money.”

Alex is a supporter of a certain discount newsletter that can save you a lot of money.

Alex subscribes to Jack’s Airline Club, which gives him low-cost flight alerts via newsletter and smartphone.

Alex explained, “I’ve joined Jack’s Flight Club.”

“They send out an email every few days with the best ticket deals, such as if an airline is having a huge sale, but they also spot false sales.

“I’ve seen bargains like £250 return to Rio and other things like that because of a website fault, but they’ll only be available for a few hours, so if you’re ready to be flexible, you can get some pretty great prices.”

Alex has primarily traveled by land, which is an excellent method to save money but takes time.

“I’ve travelled to nearly 70 countries,” Alex says. “If you choose the overland route, you’ll probably just have to consider the cost of one international flight if you want to visit numerous countries.

“My wife and I are taking a vacation for the first two or three months of the year.” Brinkwire Summary News


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