Amanda Owen’s new farm at Anty Johns is open to visitors.


Can you come to Amanda Owen’s new farm in Anty Johns?

Amanda Owen and her family from OUR YORKSHIRE FARM are preparing to leave Ravenseat, but will fans be able to visit them at their new farm?

Throughout the pandemic, Our Yorkshire Farm has provided fans with the needed escapism, transporting viewers back to nature with the docu-series.

The Channel 5 show follows Amanda and Clive Owen, as well as their nine children, as they try to balance family life with running the farm.

As they prepare to leave Ravenseat for good, they will undergo a significant transformation.

Amanda Owen and her husband Clive have lived at Ravenseat Farm for over 20 years.

They do not own the cottage where they live, as it is owned by billionaire Robert Miller, the co-founder of Duty Free Shops.

Amanda was eager to establish roots for her family, so when they discovered a derelict cottage for sale in Anty Johns, Upper Swaledale, she said it was a “no-brainer.”

“You feel like we’re just part of the bigger story before it’s passed on to someone else,” she told The Home Page.

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Amanda and Clive discussed their preparations for the move in the season five finale.

However, their new home, which is only a mile from Ravenseat, has been vacant for years and is in disrepair.

Before they can move in, the family must complete a significant amount of work on the house.

Amanda was seen earlier in the series looking for a nearby source of running water because the house had no running water, electricity, or heating.

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Because Ravenseat Farm is a working farm, only a portion of it is open to the public, but fans are welcome to visit.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess has always welcomed visitors who want to take a stroll, take in some fresh air, and stop for cream teas.

There was also the option of staying overnight in either the traditional Shepherd’s Hut or a building on the farm’s outskirts.

The visitation period for 2021 has ended, but fans will be able to return.

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