Amanda Owen talks about feeling †isolatedâ€TM in Ravenseat on Our Yorkshire Farm.


Amanda Owen talks about feeling †isolatedâ€TM in Ravenseat on Our Yorkshire Farm.

Amanda Owen, star of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM, has spoken out about feeling “isolated” at her family’s Ravenseat home due to its remote location.

Amanda Owen, 46, is best known in the United Kingdom as the star of the documentary series Our Yorkshire Farm, in which she co-stars with her husband, Clive Owen, 67, and their nine children. The scenic settings of Ravenseat farm serve as the backdrop for the Channel 5 show, and with acres of area to explore, there is always something to do. However, because they live so far out in the country, the mother of nine has acknowledged she often feels “separated” from the rest of society.

Amanda talks about what it’s like to live at Ravenseat in an episode of Ben Fogle’s Return to the Wild.

A Foot and Mouth outbreak on the farm a few years ago created an agricultural emergency, and the mother of nine described the feeling of having to act to stop the sickness from spreading.

The Shepherdess told the camera, “I guess that was the period when we felt the most alone and remote.”

“And to witness the Cumbrian sheep being herded in, they were about to be slaughtered,” she added.

“Realizing we were just one step away from losing everything was just horrifying,” the farmer said, claiming that the outbreak in 2001 cost the family a third of their flock.

“If we leave [Ravenseat], the sheep will stay,” she remarked, alluding to what would happen if the family left.

Amanda told Ben that it still “haunts” her and that she felt “horrible” for what had transpired.

Last year, when the UK was put under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the mother of nine gave advise to the public on how to deal with isolation.

The Shepherdess told ITV News, “These are funny times, and you just have to make the best of your circumstances.”

We were the ones who felt most alone.

Amanda Owen is a writer who lives in the United

“We’re lucky here [at Ravenseat]in that our home is seclusion anyway, so we can get out and about,” Amanda continued.

“We have 2,000 acres here,” says the narrator. Looking out your window must be excruciatingly difficult,.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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