Amanda Owen, star of our Yorkshire Farm, shares Ravenseat pregnancy news.


Amanda Owen, star of our Yorkshire Farm, shares Ravenseat pregnancy news.

Amanda Owen, the shepherdess of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM, was overcome with emotion after learning that her sheepdog Kate was pregnant.

The pleasant programming that follows family life on Ravenseat Farm has made our Yorkshire Farm a hit with millions of viewers. Amanda and her husband, Clive Owen, are joined by their nine children in the Yorkshire Dales to share their farming lifestyle with fans. Amanda was left distraught in the most recent episode of the Channel 5 show after learning of her sheepdog’s pregnancy.

Amanda, 47, accompanied a couple of her children to the veterinarian with her favorite sheepdog Kate to see whether she was expecting puppies in the episode.

Kate remained composed while the veterinarian performed an ultrasound to determine whether or not she was truly pregnant.

Amanda eagerly watched the vet’s monitor to see if Kate the Collie was going to be a mother.

The vet told Amanda she could see a puppy in Kate’s belly while she was attempting to figure out what was on the screen.

The monarchy will be ‘brought down,’ according to Prince Charles. Farage “It’s just there, that’s its head and that’s its spine, and that bit there is the puppy,” the vet said, pointing to the monitor. “I actually feel rather emotional,” Amanda responded, surprised. One of her children inquired if the veterinarians would be able to remove the puppy, but they assured her that Kate was not yet ready to give birth.

Amanda told her kids about it. When Kate is ready, she will be able to push the puppy out.

Amanda and Clive will have to look after their flock of sheep without Kate’s help now that she is on maternity leave.

Amanda expressed herself as follows: “It’s all about a connection with the land, wildlife, and nature, and we’re looking forward to Kate’s puppies.

“Whether it’s farm animals or pet animals, the farm is all about them.

“There are animals everywhere, and I believe the kids have a tremendous relationship with the creatures here.”

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The news of Kate’s puppy arrives on the heels of Amanda’s heartbreaking declaration that. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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