Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm responds to fans’ complaints over her “manky” bangles.


Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm responds to fans’ complaints over her “manky” bangles.

Amanda Owen, star of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM, has rejected fan concerns about her distinctive “bent and manky” bangles, which some of her fans feared would get trapped in the farm’s machinery.

Amanda Owen, 46, has assured admirers that her decision to wear jewelry while working on her family’s Ravenseat farm is unaffected. Despite fans’ concerns, the actress of Our Yorkshire Farm claimed that she is confident that her characteristic bangles will not get caught in machinery as she goes about her daily activities.

Amanda is never seen on her Channel 5 show without the bracelets, which she acknowledges are “manky,” and she has now explained that this is owing to their sentimental worth.

Even though the bangles may not appear to be appropriate for farm labor, the fashionable Yorkshire Shepherdess explained why she wears them when out in the paddock.

“It’s a link to my femininity while working on the farm,” Amanda explained.

“They do break, they’re only wire and yes, they’re bent and manky and my arm is all discoloured beneath but they’re emotional to me,” the actress told Simon Armitage on his podcast, Poet Laureate Has Gone To His Shed.

Amanda then retaliated against admirers who were concerned about her proclivity for wearing jewelry while handling machinery.

“If they were going to [be trapped in the farm machinery], they would have done it by now!” she exclaimed.

“Unless you started with three arms!” Simon joked to his podcast guest.

Amanda mentioned that she adores the bangles on her right arm, which she received as a present from a friend.

She worked in a Bangladeshi takeaway before becoming a shepherdess, according to the television personality and former model.

Amanda became friends with a girl at the restaurant and aided her in her attempt to learn English.

The bangles were given to Amanda as a thank you gift for supporting her with her studies at the time.

In addition to their sentimental value, the mother of nine disclosed that the bangles have another purpose.

Amanda mentioned that the sound of her bangles clinking together allows her children to notice her approaching them.

They interpret this as a warning to refrain from any further mischief.

“They hear me coming and rush to put away, clean, or throw out anything they can.” Brinkwire Summary News, she said.


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