Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm is concerned about her daughter’s disappearance, saying, “I don’t know where she is.”


OUR YORKSHIRE FARM’S Amanda Owen was left wondering where her daughter Annas had wandered off to when the Channel 5 series returned on Tuesday.

Our Yorkshire Farm fans were thrilled as the hit series returned to Channel 5 on Tuesday. Amanda Owen, Clive Owen and their nine children were back tending to their animals at Ravenseat however, The Yorkshire Shepherdess was left bemused when her daughter Annas disappeared while attempting to entice the flock back home.

The Owen children had grown in confidence after spending a month on the farm during the harsh winter at the beginning of the year.

Amanda remarked: “I’ve got a right entourage with me today. I’ve got four kids, one pony and a sheepdog.”

“There are about 50 sheep and we need to walk them back and it looks like the kids know what they’re doing.”

“Good girl Annas,” she added as her daughter enticed the flock home with her feedbag.

Midway through the trek, Clemmy, who was riding on Tony the pony, said: “We all deserve a treat because we’ve been walking a long way.”

“We’ve picked up our hoof of sheep, we’ve stopped for a bit of a rest but now basically Annas has headed off with the sheep,” Amanda observed.

“We don’t know at all where she’s gone but she had 50 sheep with her the last time we saw her.

“I don’t know whether she knows what she’s doing or where she’s going.”

“But I probably better go and catch up and see where she’s at,” the mum quipped.

When Amanda caught up with her daughter she realised she had shepherded the sheep over a mile to reach home.

“We’ve finally caught up with Annas, here she is with her 50 sheep,” Amanda said.

“Blooming heck you set off under your own steam you were doing such a good job.”


“You’ve brought them all the way to the cow pasture all by yourself,” The Yorkshire Shepherdess commented.

“Would you like an apple after all that? Are you tired? Annas has just become a full-time shepherd.”

Earlier in Tuesday’s instalment, Amanda was thrilled when she was reunited with 16 missing sheep.

“Today is supposed to be the day that the thaw begins and the snow finally starts to disappear,” Amanda remarked.

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