Amanda Owen of our Yorkshire Farm gets into an altercation with a campervan.


Amanda Owen of our Yorkshire Farm gets into an altercation with a campervan.

AMANDA OWEN has revealed that when returning her herd to Ravenseat farm following a “early morning escape,” she had a run-in with a campervan.

Amanda Owen, 46, of Our Yorkshire Farm, has said on Twitter that she had a “altercation with a campervan” over the weekend when attempting to return her herd of cows to Ravenseat’s field after they escaped. The mother-of-nine documented the rescue attempt, which fortunately resulted in her herd safely returning home.

Cow escape klaxon in the early morning

Amanda Owen is a writer who lives in the United

Amanda told how her herd of cows had left Ravenseat to her 173,700 followers.

Amanda joked that the “traffic” was flowing quickly while showing a video of her shooing the creatures back to the farm.

“Early morning cow escape klaxon,” she wrote.

“Traffic in Yorkshire is moving along nicely!” she added. (sic)

Amanda could be heard softly guiding the animals as they made their way back to their field while filming them.

The actress stated that she had a run-in with a campervan while herding her cows home, giving her followers an update on the fugitives.

“They stopped for rest & to admire the scenery at @MyFaveBench after a brief but frantic journey, an altercation with a campervan, and a detour via a campsite,” she wrote.

Amanda shared photos from her early-morning rescue effort, including a picture with her cows.

However, some of the star’s admirers mistook “bench” for “beach” when they saw her hashtag.

One person remarked, “I read that as’myfavebeach’ and thought, ‘They must have run a long way to get to a beach.'”

“Me, too,” said another. We were probably simply hoping to see them on the beach!”

After successfully bringing her cows home, the star grinned from ear to ear, despite the fact that she still had a hint of the bruise she had lately received.

It comes after Amanda’s followers expressed concern after she posted a video of herself on social media with a black eye last week.

She showed followers her injury while holding an ice pack to it in a series of photos she shared on Twitter.

“Injured in the line of duty,” she wrote of the incident. A sheep kicked me in the head.”

Amanda also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support she received following the incident, in which she was headbutted by a sheep while shearing them. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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