Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm creates a frenzy when she unveils the ‘newest member of the family.’


Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm creates a frenzy when she unveils the ‘newest member of the family.’

Amanda Owen, star of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM, has ignited a Twitter frenzy by welcoming “the newest member of the family” with a series of cute images.

Amanda Owen, 47, of Our Yorkshire Farm, keeps a very active schedule with her nine children and numerous cattle at her 2,000-acre farm, Ravenseat. The Yorkshire Shepherdess, on the other hand, now has a new family member to care for, as she welcomed a new arrival this week.

Amanda used her 176,000 Twitter followers this evening to introduce “the newest member of the family” alongside husband Clive Owen.

The mother-of-nine ignited a social media craze when she published photos of Hazel, her cute new Clydesdale horse.

“Meet the newest member of the family………..,” Amanda wrote beside the photographs.

“Hazel the Clydesdale,” says the narrator.

“She’s a gentle giant with a nice disposition.

Amanda wrote, amid horse and love heart emojis, “#yorkshire#farm#horses#clydesdale.”

Amanda’s first Instagram post showed her gripping Hazel’s reins.

The shepherdess grinned as she wore a navy blue jacket and green wellington boots with her denim skirt.

The second photo showed Amanda and her five-year-old daughter Clemmy bonding with their new horse.

Amanda then posted two happy selfies while riding Hazel at the farm on a lovely day.

Fans flocked to the post’s comments section to laud about Amanda’s new arrival.

“I don’t think that one arrived in the back of your Land Rover,” miserableoldg** joked.

Amanda affirmed, “Only home delivery.”

“Love a Clydesdale,” DavidMilne10 commented. My family has worked with them for four generations.” “She’s BEAUTIFUL,” Kismuil wrote. You will never regret owning a Clydesdale. They’re gentle giants with the kindest hearts you’ll ever meet. She’ll be right at home in the Owen household. Thank you for welcoming her into your family. Tony the Pony is going to be ecstatic!” “She’s lovely,” SheilaB70934144 said. “How is Clemmie going to get up there?” (sic) “Oh wow Amanda she is lovely!!!” eastwood diane answered. “Clydesdales, the most beautiful horses in the world!” exclaimed mary bromilow. Congratulations!” “A bit of a size boost from Tony!” KayTaylorX inquired. How has Clive reacted to the newcomer? “Did it come as a shock?” “What did Clive say, ‘b****y hell what you brought now,'” ChrisAl41956490 joked.


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