Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm brightens in a sweet photo with son Miles, who makes a ‘rare’ appearance.


Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm brightens in a sweet photo with son Miles, who makes a ‘rare’ appearance.

Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm is well-known for publishing Ravenseat Farm updates, but this time she posted a rarely-seen adorable image with her “shy” child, son Miles.

Amanda Owen, star of Our Yorkshire Farm, delighted fans by releasing a rarely-seen photo with her son Miles.

Amanda has nine children, some of whom enjoy being in front of the camera, but Miles, 15, prefers to take a back seat and let his siblings do the talking.

On Monday, the Shepherdess shared a nice photo of the two of them on Twitter with the caption: “Miles, the bashful one, was spotted for the first time. #yorkshire #farm #shepherdess” Fans of the Channel 5 show were ecstatic to catch a peek of the shy teen posing alongside his mother inside one of their barns.

“What great images,” one fan wrote, “he’s a handsome young man and nearly the same height as you Amanda, I’d guess he’ll shatter a lot of girls hearts.”

“We are all different,” another said. “It’s fantastic to see him on TV since his manner and demeanour are so nice – he appears more like Reuben in these photos, you be you Miles.”

“Oh my Miles is much like Reuben as he gets older and also a tall kid like his Mum Luv To The Owens family xx,” one person said.

This comes just days after Amanda’s daughter Raven, 20, disclosed that she wanted to leave her family’s famed farm, as she opened up about the difficulties of living with a large family.

In addition to looking after her siblings and juggling education and her social life, the Channel 5 star is the eldest of the Owen children, and thus has a growing list of responsibilities inside the company.

However, the auburn-haired beauty has admitted that one of the biggest drawbacks of having a large family is that she doesn’t get much peace in the hectic home.

Raven, unlike many of her peers, grew up in the countryside with her now-famous mother Amanda Owen, the most popular shepherdess in Yorkshire.

However, in a recent interview with The Sun, the young student discussed the benefits and drawbacks of living in a large family.

“The worst thing about living in a huge family is that you don’t really have much peace,” she told the publication.

“But the nicest part is that there’s always someone to chat to, and you can practice doing other people’s hair.”

“It’s a lot of fun when you. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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