Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm admits she ‘ignored’ husband Clive following their first meeting.


Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm admits she ‘ignored’ husband Clive following their first meeting.

Amanda Owen, star of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM, has spoken out about her relationship with her husband Clive, who is 21 years her senior.

Amanda Owen, 46, has her own reality show on Channel 5 called Our Yorkshire Farm. Amanda, her 67-year-old husband Clive Owen, and their nine children are followed as they go about their daily lives at Ravenseat Farm. The Owen family has become a fan favorite since the show premiered in 2018, as they not only demonstrate the successes of farming, but also the challenges they’ve endured over the years.

Amanda met Clive in 1996, when she was barely 21 years old, on Clive’s farm.

Clive would have been 42 when they met, and despite their age gap, they fell in love.

Four years after their initial meeting, the farmers married in 2000.

Raven, their eldest kid, is now a university student, and 16-year-old Reuben dropped out of school in the most recent season.

Miles, Edith, Violet, Sidney, Annas, Clemmy, and Nancy are the couple’s other children.

Amanda recalled the romantic time she met Clive, saying, “It was 1996, and I was a freelance Shepherd.”

“I was working on a dairy farm in Cumbria, and the farmer had a small flock of sheep, and every year he would borrow a ram from his friend, Clive,” she added.

“He provided me instructions and directions as to where I had to halt one evening after milking.”

“I drove and drove, and I had no idea where I was heading, but I was returning, and it was a homecoming as I drove back into Yorkshire,” she told Welcome to Yorkshire.

“I drove through the splash and up into the yard in the dark, so I didn’t get a good look at Clive.”

Amanda went on to describe how Clive called her a week after their first meeting to invite her out on a date.

The mother of nine, on the other hand, acknowledged she wasn’t so keen at first and had neglected him.

She explained, “I ignored him.” “I’m not interested in any of that,” says the narrator.

Clive, on the other hand, didn’t give up and subsequently approached Amanda for assistance with one of his sheep that had broken its leg.

“You see, he drew me in,” Amanda explained. “That was all there was to it, and.” Brinkwire Summary News.”


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