Amanda Owen is enraged at Clive for demolishing a crucial portion of the house on our Yorkshire farm.


Amanda Owen is enraged at Clive for demolishing a crucial portion of the house on our Yorkshire farm.

Amanda Owen of OUR YORKSHIRE FARM told how she was “furious” with her husband Clive after he cut down one of her prized Fir trees.

Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm has spoken out about her outrage after her husband, Clive Owen, used a digger to damage a crucial portion of their home. Clive took over and backed the machinery into one of their prized Fir trees as the farmer was teaching their son Reuben how to handle it.

Amanda and Owen have nine children, a few of pets, plus the occasional pony or cow in their home.

The family also owns The Firs, a 17th century rural retreat that they rent out as a “hideaway vacation cottage” in addition to renting Ravenseat farm.

In an excerpt from Amanda’s book, Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess, she talks about how her husband Clive injured one of the Fir trees, making her “furious.”

It happened while Clive was trying to teach their eldest son, Reuben, how to operate a digger.

Amanda and Owen’s friend Alex inherited the machine, which he had used for “renovations when he was the landlord of Tan Hill, England’s highest inn and our nearest bar.”

Alex, who had retired, now spent much of his time sheepdog trialing and “had no need for a digger.”

Despite the fact that it was a “slow-moving rust-bucket,” Reuben was “delighted.”

Reuben thought it would be a good idea to drive the digger all the way to the other property because the husband and wife had chosen to use it for some light work up at The Firs.

Amanda Owen (@yorkshireshepherdess) shared a post.

Raven, the oldest child, said, “It’ll take you aaaaages,” but her brother was undeterred.

Clive reportedly “gave him the go light” to drive the two-mile cross-country trek across fields, which reportedly “took him all day” and was not without hiccups.

Amanda described how “the digger overheated and boiled,” with “one of the tracks breaking off” as a result.

Despite this, he made it to The Firs, passing through every neighborhood, including his “geography instructor from school.”

When he arrived, Clive patted him on the head and remarked, “Thoos done well, Reubs.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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