Amanda Owen is distraught when a flood threatens her family’s home, which she describes as “not even safe.”


Amanda Owen is distraught when a flood threatens her family’s home, which she describes as “not even safe.”

Amanda Owen, star of Channel 5’s OUR YORKSHIRE FARM, expressed her fear after heavy flooding endangered their family’s home.

Amanda Owen has her own reality show on Channel 5 called Our Yorkshire Farm. Amanda, her husband Clive Owen, and their nine children are followed as they go about their everyday lives at Ravenseat Farm, which they rent but do not own. In a recent episode, however, the Owen family was attacked by heavy flooding and storms, which resulted in the destruction of some of their much-needed farming equipment.

Although the Owen family had already seen the worst of the terrible weather, they were compelled to prepare for Storm Ciara in the clip.

“You anticipate it to be cold, snowy, frozen, and icy at this time of year, and you can live with that,” Amanda said.

“Water, on the other hand, you just cannot. Because the land is completely wet, the river levels fluctuate dramatically.

“You have terrible weather conditions, that is what occurs here,” Amanda said. After receiving a month’s worth of rain in one night, the water appeared to worsen, and Amanda expressed her concerns about the family’s home being destroyed.

The water continued to flow downhill, eventually emptying into a river just yards from Ravenseat Farm.

“What a day,” the Shepherdess remarked as she stood near the flooding.

“Unbelievable. That water has a lot of force. “It’s not even safe to be out here,” Amanda’s husband Clive said as he tried to tend to his flock of sheep on the moor amid 100mph gusts.

The duo had to shift the sheep with his eldest son, Reuben, in order to keep them as secure as possible throughout the storm.

In addition, the father and son wanted to make sure that the flock had enough food to get through the storm.

When the flood swept away the family’s one-tonne trailer from the yard, things took an unexpected turn.

When the storm passed, Rueben was tasked with locating their trailer, which had been swept away.

The couple were able to drag the trailer out of a ditch with the help of a neighbouring farmer, Morris.

In order to rotate the trailer out, they had to build their own levy out of bricks.

Amanda was disappointed to learn, despite dragging the trailer back to the property. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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