Amanda Owen expresses her ‘fear’ over a request from her children’s school, saying it’s “very bad for farm kids.”


Amanda Owen expresses her ‘fear’ over a request from her children’s school, saying it’s “very bad for farm kids.”

AMANDA OWEN expressed her dissatisfaction after her children’s school required them to wear wellington boots.

Amanda Owen, 47, shared three photos of her children getting ready for the day on her Twitter account on Thursday.

The background of all three photos was a snowy landscape, implying that the request for students to wear wellington boots was made due to the weather.

The first issue is that they will be muddied.

Amanda Owen is a writer.

Wellies, in particular, are a good choice for wearing in the snow and slush because they provide a lot of tread and grip while keeping moisture out.

The Yorkshire shepherdess, on the other hand, did not appear to agree with the school’s request.

She captioned the early morning photos, “Cold light of day.”

“I’m off to school, but I forgot something.”

“Drink, pack up, gloves, reading book, PE kit?” tweeted @Jewelleigh21.

“She’s wearing her hat and carrying her book bag.”

Every morning, isn’t it the same check list?”

“It’s very bad for farm children to be told to bring wellies into school,” Amanda replied to the tweet.

“The first issue is that they’ll be muddied up.

“The second issue is that they are afraid of forgetting their wellies at school and being left wellyless.” (sic)

Amanda sparked a heated debate in the comments section of her Twitter post, with fans split on whether or not wearing wellies to class was a good idea.

Some people claimed they kept a separate pair so their kids wouldn’t bring their muddy boots home with them.

Others chimed in, saying that, given the snowy weather, they thought the idea was brilliant.

@CandGsmum wrote, “We gave school a big box of old wellies, waterproofs, socks, etc. so they have plenty spare.”

“Ours, on the other hand, wear wellies all day and only wear ‘indoor shoes’ for certain lessons.”

“Ours have to have a separate pair just for school that they have to leave in school at all times,” another fan, @MadofMarlow, said on Twitter.

“There will be no back-and-forth with filthy home ones,” says the narrator.

Raven, 20, Reuben, 18, Miles, 15, Edith, 13, Violet, 11, Sidney, nine, Anna, seven, Clemmy, six, and five-year-old Nancy are the couple’s nine children with her husband, Clive Owen.

Amanda, on the other hand, insists that she is hoping for at least one.

“News from the Brinkwire.”

First problem being that they’ll be clarted up with mud

Amanda Owen


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