Amanda Owen confirmed the return of Our Yorkshire Farm, and it’ll be sooner than you think.


Amanda Owen confirmed the return of Our Yorkshire Farm, and it’ll be sooner than you think.

Amanda Owen and her family from OUR YORKSHIRE FARM are poised to return in new episodes of their Channel 5 programme very soon, as filming for season five is now complete.

Amanda Owen, 46, is one of the main characters on Our Yorkshire Farm, and thanks to the show’s success, she has been on a number of other programmes. Season four of the Owen family was filmed during the coronavirus outbreak and premiered on Channel 5 earlier this year. Fans have been waiting to see when season five would be available to watch, since the broadcaster has ordered at least 10 more episodes. Before the end of the year, viewers will be able to witness what the family has been up to, according to the mother of nine.

Channel 5 said 20 new episodes of the show would be filmed at the beginning of this year in a statement.

Eight of these were included in season four, which means there are still 12 episodes of the farm-based show to look forward to.

Filming during the epidemic hasn’t been an issue for them because they’re all one family, and particular equipment has been provided to them to use.

With constraints loosening in recent weeks, it’s likely that the family enlisted the services of a crew to record the footage for the documentary series.

The Shepherdess has now confirmed the show’s return date, and it appears that fans will tune in this autumn to see what the tribe has been up to.

“There is a new series coming,” the mother of nine revealed of the impending episodes. It will take place in the fall.

“I don’t know when because I’m the last person to know!” She revealed to YorkshireLive, “I know those episodes are done and there is more filming going on at Ravenseat.”

Amanda appears to be appearing in episodes for Season 5 and beyond, despite the fact that filming is still ongoing.

What milestones and family hijinks will be included in future episodes of the show is yet to be announced.

A new series is on the way.

Amanda Owen is a writer who lives in the United

The new episodes airing in the Autumn is a little deviation from the normal schedule for when new episodes air.

“Brinkwire Summary News” has been on all episodes since season two.


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