Alvaro Morte’s Logain mystifies and excites in ‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 4.


Alvaro Morte’s Logain mystifies and excites in ‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 4.

With the entrance of Logain, the mystery surrounding the true identity of the Dragon Reborn deepens.Spoilers for ‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 4 – ‘The Dragon Reborn’Amazon Prime Video’s ambitious new series ‘The Wheel of Time’ just released its fourth episode, and it did not disappoint. The fantasy program, which is based on the same-named books, has a fantastic cast and outstanding production value, making it a must-see.

The show’s first three episodes represented the series premiere, which got off to a great start, with viewers wishing they didn’t have to wait a week for a new installment. As Morraine embarks on a perilous voyage to the White Tower in order to deliver the potential Dragon Reborn, danger and magic have been constant companions. Continue reading to find out what happened in the fourth episode and our thoughts on it.

5 Things to Know About Amazon Prime’s Fantasy Series’The Wheel of Time’ Season 1 Episode 4: Is Nynaeve the genuine article? Reborn Episode 4 begins on a dramatic note with a glimpse of Logain (Alvaro Morte), a supernatural figure who wields the One Power and uses his powers to swiftly overthrow an army. As we see evidence of him getting corrupted as a result of possessing the One Power, a mystery woman’s voice keeps calling to him. With the episode getting off to a great start, it’s evident that he’s a difficult opponent. In the present, Logain is being held captive by the Aes Sedai, who admits to being difficult to deal with. Moraine, who is healed by one of them, can clearly feel the pressure the man is putting on them because her healer is stressed.

Rand (Josha Stradowski) and Mat (Barney Harris) are still separated from Egwene (Madeleine Madden) and Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), who are traveling with the Tuatha’an. Meanwhile, Mat and Rand, along with the gleeman Thom (Alexandre Willaume), arrive at a barn where they will spend the night. Mat is evidently ill, as Rand is concerned about him. Mat is infected by the Darkness that night, putting him in a trance and maybe making him the murderer of the family whose barn they were using. While the couple makes their getaway, a fade appears, but Thom holds it off. Mat’s character is set up to be pretty intriguing, with clear ramifications. We’re interested to see where his adventure leads him, as he may be channeling the One Power, which has the ability to corrupt and wreck his mind.

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