Alum of ‘Shameless’ Emma Kenney talks about the ‘Bad Days’ she had on set with Emmy Rossum.


Alum of ‘Shameless’ Emma Kenney talks about the ‘Bad Days’ she had on set with Emmy Rossum.

Emma Kerney and Emmy Rossum played sisters on Shameless, but Kerney explains that they weren’t always a large, happy family. The actress appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast for an interview, where she revealed that working with Rossum has the same ups and downs as a sisterly relationship.

She admitted, “I was definitely a lot younger.” “There were times when she tried to be a positive influence, and then there were others when she was outright giving me horrible advice.” Kerney didn’t go into detail about why she believed Rossum would tell her specific things, but she hinted at a probable conclusion. “Perhaps she was dealing with her own internal issues and venting her frustrations on others,” she speculated.

She went on to explain that she felt like she was in some sort of “strange competition” with the Phantom of the Opera actress, who is 13 years her senior, at times. “I’m not sure if that was created by other people on set or by her, but I’m sure it wasn’t created by me.” Kerney claims that after Rossum left the series, the set had a more cheerful mood. “It seemed strange at first, but the set gradually became a more cheerful environment. I’m not going to lie to you, “she stated “I remember going to set several days before she left and being extremely nervous about having a scene with her,” Emma said, “because if she had a terrible day, she made it a miserable day for everyone.” Despite the fact that they “haven’t communicated in years,” Kerney says she doesn’t have any negative thoughts toward them. “I hope she finds happiness, and I heard she had a baby, which is amazing, and I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful mother,” she remarked. Emmy was completely oblivious of Kerney’s affections for her, according to a person close to her. “This is not how Emmy remembers their friendship and business relationship,” the person said. “She’s shocked and upset by this since it’s not how she remembers her time on set, particularly with Emma.”


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