All Time Low Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Guitarist Jack Barakat


All Time Low Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Guitarist Jack Barakat

All Time Low has responded to charges of sexual misconduct leveled against them. Several women have come forward this month to say that musician Jack Barakat sexually molested them while they were adolescents. The band rejected the charges “totally and utterly false” in a statement signed by all four members, adding that they “stand collectively for truth.” The band explained to their fans on Oct. 25 that they first “choosed not to respond” to the initial claims “because of the evident contradictions in the story and the apparent reluctance to name us by name.” “We believed that a reaction would have elevated and intensified an explicit lie, robbing legitimate abuse victims of their very real and very vital collective voice,” they stated. “We believe victims,” the group stated. We support the victims. We’ve only ever wanted to develop and nurture a friendly, healthy, and safe culture surrounding our gigs and band,” and “it’s with that in mind that we have to state categorically that everything being stated about us is entirely and utterly false.” “We can’t and won’t fuel or amplify lies that only muddy and distort the actual stories of individuals who deserve to be heard and represented,” the band concluded. We, the four of us, have made a statement. The band issued a statement weeks after the first sexual assault claims surfaced. A woman claimed in a TikTok video earlier this month that a “renowned pop-punk band” had “allowed [her]on their tour bus when [she]was 13.” The band “wanted to remove my bra for their disgusting collection [and]gave me beers,” she wrote in the comments section. After her tale was linked to All Time Low on social media, a second woman came forward on Oct. 25 under the guise of anonymity to accuse Barakat of sexual assault while she was a juvenile. The assault, according to the woman, began when she was 15 years old in 2011 and persisted throughout the group’s 2011 tour and following tours. In 2016, another member of the band allegedly watched the lady being sexually attacked by Barakat, according to the woman.

All Time Low announced in a statement that they are “investigating further the source of these false charges” and will “pursue legal action.” “We cannot stress how much we respect and cherish the sacredness…,” the band said in a statement to fans. Summary of Entertainment News from Brinkwire.


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