All current cruise ships have Covid cases, which experts advise against using.


All current cruise ships have Covid cases, which experts advise against using.

CRUISES are a popular vacation choice, but they were among the first to be impacted by the pandemic.

The situation has not improved in nearly three years.

With the Covid pandemic still wreaking havoc on the travel industry, one particular vacation option has resurfaced for all the wrong reasons.

Cruises have resumed, and many people may be planning a cruising vacation this year.

Every cruise ship currently sailing in US waters with passengers has been discovered to have Covid cases.

According to the Washington Post, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that all 92 ships currently cruising “have met the threshold for investigation by the public health agency.”

The US situation at sea is so bad that the CDC has advised everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, to stay away from cruise ships.

“The virus that causes Covid spreads easily between people in close quarters on board ships, and the risk of contracting Covid on a cruise ship is extremely high,” they said.

“Even if you have been fully vaccinated and received a Covid vaccine booster dose,” they continued.

Due to Covid cases, many cruise ships have been turned away from ports.

The majority of people continued on their journeys, skipping the stops.

Due to “Covid-related circumstances,” Norwegian Cruise Line has already canceled a voyage this week.

The recommendation to avoid cruises is a setback for an industry that has already suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic.

After months of being grounded due to the pandemic, ships returned to the seas in June.

In Europe, a cruise ship that was stuck in Lisbon due to a Covid outbreak among its crew had to cancel its trip after some passengers tested positive.

There are 2,844 passengers and 1,353 crew members on board the AIDAnova.

52 cases of Covid were discovered among fully vaccinated crew members while in port.

However, leaving Lisbon and traveling to Lanzarote was permitted.

Only 12 more people, including four passengers, tested positive.

“The company’s protocol was immediately actioned,” Diogo Vieira Branco, the port’s captain, told TSF radio. “Those infected, who are asymptomatic or displaying light symptoms, were immediately isolated on the ship… and the company decided to end the cruise and disembark the passengers.”

Holidaymakers are asking why cruises are still allowed to operate on social media.

“Really why go on a cruise, I mean if the entire ship is going to,” said user SonarGraphic.

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