All astrological signs and dates: How does each astrological sign’s season affect your horoscope?


All astrological signs and dates: How does each astrological sign’s season affect your horoscope?

SIGN OF THE STARS Seasons aren’t merely a set period of time for a sign’s birthdays; they also have an affect on the whole horoscope.

Have you ever found that you prefer some times of the year over others? Each star sign season lasts roughly a month and has a unique flavor. This website spoke with Psychic Seth Vermilyea of to learn everything about the star sign seasons and how they affect the overall horoscope.

The Aries season begins about March 21 and finishes around April 19, depending on when the Spring Equinox occurs in a given year.

According to Seth, the Aries season might make you feel as if there are new and fresh beginnings or as if something is about to begin.

“You might find yourself acting on these impulses by initiating new projects or allowing someone else to get started based on your expertise,” he stated.

The Aries energy is slowed during the Taurus season, which lasts from May 20 to April 20.

“Habits and patterns will keep you comfy, but slow and steady will win the race,” Seth explained.

“Financial, emotional, and relationship investments are all excellent here. Look into your customs.”

The month of Gemini begins on May 21 and concludes on June 20.

“Everyone can benefit from a little Gemini energy,” Seth added.

“It encourages you to ask more questions, explore new possibilities, and attempt new things.

“Reach out to strengthen and build relationships, as well as venture into unfamiliar territory.”

Cancer season, which runs from June 21 to July 22, has the potential to make you feel a variety of emotions.

“You might feel like you want to draw back from everything or push forward with all your focus and energy,” Seth said.

“At this point, trust your emotional center. What does it feel like? Allow time for the answers to sink in before moving on to the next step.”

The Leo season runs from July 23 to August 22, and it wants you to be your best!

“That would be an extroverted or introverted experience,” Seth explained.

“Either be social or engage in a personal ritual. Step into your best version of yourself, however you experience it.”

The Virgo Season begins on August 23 and ends on September 23.

“Virgo season may make you feel as if you need to have all the appropriate answers for yourself and others,” Seth remarked.

“If you have it, teach the kids!” says the Brinkwire Summary News.


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