Alison Hammond’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, which led the This Morning staff to flee the set.


Alison Hammond’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, which led the This Morning staff to flee the set.

Alison Hammond of This Morning gets into a bit of a tangle on stage when her chains get caught in her mike, and the crew has to rush on set to straighten her out.

Alison Hammond has acknowledged that her wardrobe catastrophes keep the This Morning crew on their toes.

The effervescent presenter joined the ITV morning program as a regular host in January and admitted that she’s had her fair share of disasters since then, with her long necklaces hooked on various objects.

In between portions, the celebrity has become accustomed to watching the sound man dash onto the stage to get her organized.

“Sometimes I wear chains and they snag on my microphone, so you see the sound man racing out and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?'” she told the Express.

And it’s simply my microphone’s chain catching on my chain, so nothing serious has happened.”

Alison, 46, has made a few additional gaffes, claiming that “props like the Spin To Win wheel” are sometimes to blame.

“It can be temperamental at times,” the host remarked.

Despite this, the fan favorite never loses her sense of humour when she makes a mistake.

Alison broke her leg this summer when she fell in her yard, but she didn’t hold back when it came to telling her story on This Morning.

The celebrity slipped and fell on her terrace amid a sudden torrent of rain, and was somewhat shamefully not wearing any underwear at the time.

Her tumble was caught on camera, so she shared it on This Morning with an emoji to hide her modesty and explained how it went down.

“Imagine it’s raining, it’s pouring, and I’m unable to get up because I believe I’ve fractured my leg,” she stated.

“My brother comes out to help, and as he tries to raise me, his bottom is seen on the security camera. He is unable to lift me because I am plainly extremely large.

“He pulls me up, I use my bad leg gradually, and I totter inside.”

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