Alison Hammond explains why she had her gastric band removed after two years for a “distressing” cause.


Alison Hammond explains why she had her gastric band removed after two years for a “distressing” cause.

ALISON HAMMOND explained why she had her gastric band removed after only two years, confessing she wasn’t prepared for the “dramatic shift” it brought to her life.

Alison Hammond, 46, remembered the humiliating moment she chose to lose weight by undergoing a gastric band procedure. In 2007, the This Morning host was left red-faced after her chair gave way while she was interviewing actor Matt Damon, and she decided to make some dietary changes.

Mentally, I wasn’t prepared for the abrupt change in my eating patterns that it brought about.

Alison Hammond is a British actress.

Despite being “extremely kind” about it, the Hollywood celebrity opted to have the procedure later that year.

She wasn’t prepared, though, for the “dramatic transformation” it would bring to her life.

The TV actress claimed that her aversion to food stems from a traumatic Sunday lunch at home with her father, when she was forced to eat everything on her plate despite being overly full.

In her most recent piece for The Sun, she stated, “[That] left a psychological mark.”

“I completed my dinner to protect myself, and something about that event cemented a relationship between eating and self-preservation in my mind.”

She went on to say: “In 2007, I realized that my chair was a little snug as I sat down to interview Matt Damon about his third Bourne picture, The Bourne Ultimatum.

“He was extraordinary. I was ecstatic to meet him. But something terrible and humiliating happened halfway through the interview.” “My bulk and weight worked against me, and the chair’s side abruptly snapped.” “It was a dreadful, shameful time,” she added. The gastric band performed admirably at first after being implanted.

“Physically, it worked,” she said, “creating a pouch at the top of my stomach that filled so quickly that I couldn’t eat much.”

“But I wasn’t mentally prepared for the huge alteration it brought to my eating habits.

“It didn’t feel right to be eating so little, and despite the fact that a gastric band is meant to make you feel full faster, I was still hungry after eating salad.”

She went on to explain the sensation as follows: “Before deciding enough was enough, he used terms like “hell” and “total torment.”

“Something began to go wrong physically, and I became frequently ill. I couldn’t eat anything since I couldn’t keep anything down “Alison clarified.

“It was quite upsetting. “Brinkwire Summary News,” I thought.


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