Alexandra Burke of Celebrity SAS was in tears over Channel 4’s decision, which she described as “a major concern.”


Alexandra Burke of Celebrity SAS was in tears over Channel 4’s decision, which she described as “a major concern.”

ALEXANDRA BURKE has claimed that she cried when she learned she would be appearing on Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

On Sunday night, Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins comes to a dramatic finale with the contestants taking on their last challenges. Alexandra Burke is one of the six surviving contestants, and she’s spoken up about what inspired her to enter the game. Alexandra admitted to becoming tearful when she discovered out she’d be a contestant on the Channel 4 series during an interview with This website and other media.

The singer confessed that she knew she wanted to be on Celebrity SAS the moment she saw it.

“I might be the only person that begged to come on this show from the day it aired,” Alexandra said.

She admitted that she “begged” her agent to be on the show because she was so desperate.

Alexandra, on the other hand, stated that her agency informed her that she would not have time in between tours.

“Long story short, I was planning to take six months off for my mental health in 2020 anyhow, before going on another tour, which was then postponed,” she wrote.

“So, I had time, and an opportunity arose, and my agency said, ‘Look, you could do it if you want to.’ You know, you train at home and all that, so maybe, I’m not sure if you’re fit enough to take it on, but you can give it a shot.'” ‘If you don’t get me on that,’ I stated emphatically. There’s going to be a major issue.’ “I said, ‘You get me on that right away,’ and we conducted the Zoom call,” Alexandra added.

When she found out she might be on the show, the pop artist claimed she grew tearful.

“I was genuinely crying on that Zoom because I didn’t realize how much I wanted to do it until I talked about it,” she revealed.

Alexandra has praised Celebrity SAS since returning from her time on the show, claiming that it improved her life.

“I got introduced to my self-worth,” she said when asked if the show helped her in any way. That is all there is to it. That’s all I have to say about it.

“Everyone who knows me well, including my family, has told me that you have changed since SAS.”

“They can’t, they’re literally like, “Brinkwire Summary News” says.


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