Alexander Ludwig of the Vikings writes an emotional message as praise for his new role comes in.


Alexander Ludwig of the Vikings writes an emotional message as praise for his new role comes in.

Alexander Ludwig, best known for his portrayal as Ace Spade in Starz’s new wrestling drama Heels, has gained critical acclaim.

The Canadian actor took to Instagram to thank fans and critics of his new Starz series, Heels, which will premiere later this month. Alexander Ludwig has taken his career in an intriguing new route after starring in five seasons of Vikings as the fearsome warrior Bjorn Ironside, which ended last year on Amazon Prime.

After his new drama Heels garnered enormously great comments from TV critics, Alexander Ludwig has penned a grateful new post on his Instagram page.

In his current part as Ace Spade, a professional wrestler grappling with a dark background in small-town Georgia, the former Vikings star shines.

He co-stars with Stephen Amell from Arrow in the new series as Ace Spade’s brother, Jack Spade, whose conflicts outside the ring are just as brutal as their confrontations within.

Entertainment Weekly, AV Club, and Collider have all given Heels positive reviews thus far.

Ludwig praised the show’s backers and encouraged his fans to watch the series debut next Sunday after viewing the early reviews.

“The reviews for @heelsstarz are in, and WOW- never have I felt the love like this,” he wrote.

“Thank you so much for the overwhelming response. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see this.

“It was a rollercoaster ride, but this cast and crew gave it their best. In an interview with This website, the actress recently opened up about the obstacles of the new series.

Ludwig made it through the first season of Heels uninjured, but production reached a snag when his co-star Stephen Amell suffered a back injury.

Ludwig captures the anguish and complexity of Ace’s personal life outside the ring in a career-best performance, in addition to completing several of his own wrestling skills.

In a review Ludwig acknowledged made his mother cry, Digital Spy’s David Opie dubbed the star the “heavyweight champion” of the new drama.

[BLUNDER] [THEORY] [VIDEO] He went on to say, “@digitalspy, you made my mother weep, and that one hit me hard as well.”

“I’m very glad you liked the character. It was truly a labor of love. Thank you for your wonderful words.” After such a long run on Vikings, fans will be ecstatic to see Ludwig take on a new role. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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