Alexander Ludwig of the Vikings teases “genuine” stunts in the wrestling thriller “Didn’t Pull Anything.”


Alexander Ludwig of the Vikings teases “genuine” stunts in the wrestling thriller “Didn’t Pull Anything.”

Alexander Ludwig, who stars alongside Stephen Amell in the upcoming wrestling drama Heels, explains that he didn’t hold back when it came to acting alongside him.

For nearly half a decade, Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig played the Viking warrior Bjorn Ironside in the popular History Channel program, which ended last year on Amazon Prime. Heels, a brand new Starz drama co-starring Arrow’s Stephen Amell and airing next Sunday, features the actor in yet another physically demanding role.

Alexander Ludwig claims that the cast of Starz’ new wrestling show Heels did a number of their own stunts.

Ludwig, who was a vital component of the cast of Vikings, stars in the new sports series as troubled pro-wrestler Ace Spade.

While stunt performers performed a majority of the show’s staged battle scenes, the actor spoke exclusively to This website about trying out some difficult wrestling moves himself.

Ludwig’s first challenge came in the first episode of the first season, when he had to perform a backflip in the middle of a fight.

“I turned to [director Peter Segal]and said, ‘Pete, I’ve got to backflip off a turnbuckle,’” he remembered.

“‘I have to do it in the scene; we need people to realize this is real,’ says the character.

“Things like that, they’re minor details, but they all add to the show’s authenticity. It was without a doubt the most physically demanding production I’ve ever worked on.”

Many of the show’s stunt performers are also wrestlers, so they were able to coach the cast through some of Heels’ most difficult moments in the ring.

Ludwig’s Ace sparks a long-running battle with his other wrestling sibling, Jack Spade, in Starz’ new thriller (played by Stephen Amell).

In and out of their little but popular ring in small town Georgia, their rivalry plays out throughout the series.

As the competition intensifies, both brothers attempt to overcome their differences while dealing with their own personal issues.

While the series had a strong emotional impact at times, Ludwig and Amell’s main task was to correctly and safely portray professional wrestling.

Despite the fact that Stephen Amell had to take two weeks off after injuring his back, his co-star managed to complete the season without any significant injury.


Ludwig stated, “I fortunately came out quite unhurt.”

“However,” says the Brinkwire Summary News.


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