Alex Scott, the BBC host, retaliates after being questioned about her beachwear look while on vacation.


Alex Scott, a BBC presenter, retaliates after being questioned about her beachwear ensemble while on vacation.

As the BBC presenter continues her holiday abroad, ALEX SCOTT took to social media to defend herself after an Instagram user questioned her wardrobe choices.

Alex Scott, a BBC Sport reporter, has been forced to defend her beach attire while on vacation in the Maldives.

After posting a series of photos of herself enjoying her time in the sun, Alex, 37, responded to a social media user who questioned her fashion choices.

I’ve never understood why people wear their caps backwards.

User of Instagram

Given her one million followers, the former Arsenal footballer shared a glimpse of her dream vacation.

“Your Sunday snack has just been served,” Alex wrote.

The caption was accompanied by stunning photos of the actress posing for the camera in the Maldives.

Alex ate a healthy-looking snack while wearing a back-to-front black baseball cap, sunglasses, and a floral Hawaiian shirt.

The actress posed for the photos with a playful demeanor, wearing no make-up and braiding her hair into two braids during her vacation.

Alex completed her ensemble with ear piercings, a gold necklace, and black nail polish.

After a social media user criticized her headwear, the actress quickly defended her look.

“I never get why people wear caps back to front in Sunny climes,” wrote Instagram user rockett155. “Have a great time.”

When Alex noticed the remark, she immediately explained why she dressed the way she did.

“Well, I’ve got my sunglasses for the sun and the hat keeping my frizz at bay for the time being,” Alex replied, adding a laughing face emoji to his reply.

“@alexscott2 go girl, the Maldives are so lovely this time of year,” the Instagram user replied once more.

Previously, the former footballer’s holiday outfit sparked new questions after she posted several photos of herself swimming in her private pool while wearing sunglasses.

Following Alex’s Instagram post from last week, a curious fan inquired as to why she had kept her sunglasses on.

“Are you serious…?”

It’s not like I’m doing laps in the pool, so I always keep them on if I’m going for a quick dip.

That, on the other hand, is a different story,” Alex responded.

A slew of the BBC broadcaster’s celebrity pals rushed to comment on her vacation snaps as well.

Lucy, the host of Homes Under the Hammer.

“Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”

I never get why people wear caps back to front

Instagram user


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