Alex Scott is bewildered after receiving an enigmatic “apology package” – “Who’s sorry?” he wonders.


Alex Scott is bewildered after receiving an enigmatic “apology package” – “Who’s sorry?” he wonders.

ALEX SCOTT was perplexed when he received an apologetic gift box from an unknown source.

Alex Scott, 36, was perplexed on Wednesday when he received a Moonpig gift box including an apology note. A bottle of Prosecco was also included in the present, perhaps as a gesture of goodwill or to make apologies for something else.

Who is apologetic?

Alex Scott is a writer who lives in the United

It comes after the 2021 Olympics presenter has been subjected to a barrage of internet criticism, the most recent of which was directed at her London accent.

However, the outpouring of support from fellow celebs and fans has been astounding.

Someone videoed the former player opening the present and posted it on her Instagram feed.

“Bottle of Prosecco, oi oi!” she exclaimed, holding up the bottle to the camera.

“As well as a card.”

She started reading the note aloud: “In the card it reads, ‘Just to say… lo siento,’” which is Spanish for ‘I’m sorry.’

Alex, on the other hand, was perplexed as to who had given him such a thoughtful gift.

“But the question is… who is this from?” she asked her buddy, puzzled by the camera.

“Who is apologetic? “Who is apologetic?”

Alex came up about her difficulties with online bullying on a recent episode of The Independent’s Senior Football Correspondent Melissa Reddy’s podcast Between The Lines.

“I went through a period where some of the comments had a genuine impact on me,” she explained.

“I knew I couldn’t tell my mother because she’d be frightened, and I felt like I was carrying all of the blame on myself.

“I kind of lost myself in my personality because I was aware of everything that was going on.” And it wasn’t until I reached a point where I realized, “I can’t take this any longer.” It was only because it was becoming too much for me that I spoke up about it.”

Alex said that talking about how she felt helped her, explaining, “It changed because people didn’t realize I was battling with it.” And you can’t help someone unless you actively speak up about their situation.

“And I suppose what I’ve done now is inform folks when I’m going through those situations.

“I believe we just saw it recently, and I went over everything that just happened again.”


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