Alex Jones: The One Show presenter discusses his parenting struggles following the birth of his young daughter.


Alex Jones: The One Show presenter discusses his parenting struggles following the birth of his young daughter.

In a forthright admission, ALEX JONES said that things had been “tricky” in her household with the birth of her third kid.

Alex Jones, 44, recently gave birth to her third kid and said that she and her family are smitten with their daughter. The presenter of The One Show is already a mother to two sons, Teddy, four, and Kit, two.

While clutching her infant, the mother-of-three returned to her BBC show and gave an update to hosts Samantha Quek and Jermaine Jenas.

The Welsh-born broadcaster admitted that life at home has been “tricky” after she married her husband Charlie Thomson in 2015.

Alex expressed a challenge with her daughter’s temperament that many parents may relate to.

The TV personality opened up about how much her middle child enjoys his younger sister, but that balancing two newborns is difficult.

“[She] is pretty easy, really relaxed,” Alex began. Let’s hope it continues to be thus.

“The boys adore her, although Kit, our two-year-old, is a little tricky with a baby JJ, so be warned.”

The One Show host also hinted at the name of her first child, but said she wouldn’t share any specifics just yet.

When it came to revealing the big news, Alex remained tight-lipped, adding, “With a name, today was the deadline because I thought right, we’ll simply tell everybody what it is.”

“So we debated two options before settling on one, we thought. So we called Charlie’s parents in Auckland, New Zealand, who are on lockdown and can’t come over because of the lockdown.

“So we called them yesterday night, which was [for them]today morning, and we didn’t get a response. So I just spoke with Charlie, who said, ‘Oh Al, I don’t believe we can tell everyone till Mum and Dad know because, love them, grandparents, they can’t be here to meet her yet.’

The BBC host admitted that announcing her daughter’s name to the world before informing her in-laws could be problematic.

“So we’re going to have to call them tonight,” Alex said, “and the thing is, I’m building it up now, and it’s a really simple, classic name, but I believe it’s only right that we inform grandmother and grandad first.”

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